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Don't Wait. Instant Disk Cloning.

Welcome to Realcopy – A backup and recovery solution that allows you to restore your PC to a point earlier in time – with unmatched ease-of-use and speed.

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Hardware Independent Imaging

Any backup you create in Realcopy can be restored to dissimilar hardware. Now you can restore your backups to any PC in the world. Even a mac.


Fast Rollback

Restoring a large backup can take a long time. With Fast Rollback we analyse the differences between your current setup and the backup you wish to restore from. If the differences are small, the restore process can takes seconds instead of hours.


Industry leading backup and restore speeds

We respect your time. Backup and restore speeds in Realcopy are industry leading. Get your stop watch and time it yourself.


Virtual Machine

Give yourself peace of mind and check the contents of your backup before you decide to restore with our built in virtualisation software.


Instant Disc Cloning

Clone a disk to another drive ‘Ready to use’ instantly irrespective of size. This revolutionary feature is exclusive to Realcopy.

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Backup Browser

Backup Browser virtually mounts all backups at once. The browser looks and works just like Windows Explorer, so you can browse files, view thumbnails and open files by double-clicking.


Build recovery disc

Be safe even when your computer can’t boot. Realcopy allows you to build a bootable recovery disc that works on USB, CD or DVD. Boot your computer using this disc and you’ll be able to restore your PC even when Windows doesn’t start.


Smart Scheduling

Set automatic backups to continuously protect your PC. Smart backup consolidation merges old backups together so you don’t deal with overwhelming number of backups. Or you can customize your own schedules on a day and time of your choice. It’s totally flexible.


Simple UI

Realcopy is so simple you will know how to use it from the start. That’s because it is elegant, clean, and every aspect of the interface has been designed  to simplify your user experience.


Performance and stability that lead the industry

Realcopy has performance and stability that is a generation ahead of the field. Being built on the rock solid Realcopy engine means it is reliable, working every single time, and now by taking advantage of our innovative optimizations and enhancements, you will get blazingly fast performance leaving competitors far behind. No other free backup application has ever been built to this level of sophistication and engineering. With the efficiency of our encryption and compression system, coupled with advanced technologies like incremental disk imaging, fast rollback restores, bare metal recovery and a complete virtualization system, you will wonder how you were able to cope without Realcopy. As others try to catch up, the technologies and features built into Realcopy will keep your backup experience years ahead.

*Source: In inhouse tests commissioned by Realcopy conducted on 17/12/12, using a Hewlett Packard(R) Pavilion(R) G series PC (AMD E2-3000M@1.8GHz, 6Gb RAM, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 x64 SP1), a hard disk partition of 29.2Gb (15.9Gb used, 13.3 Gb free) and applying highest possible compression, Realcopy created a backup in 11m 22s compared to Symantec(R) Norton Ghost(R) in 29m 46s, Acronis(R) True Image(R) in 21m 23s and Paragon Backup and Restore in 20m 1s. In the same tests, Realcopy was also faster than its named competitors in creating backups with default/standard compression and with no compression. Realcopy was tested against Symantec(R) Norton(R) Ghost 15, Acronis(R) True Image(R) 2013 and Paragon Backup and Recovery 2012. All company names, logos and trade marks, whether registered or unregistered, remain the property of their respective owners.

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